Self Catering in The Lake District

Self Catering in The Lake District
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Friday, October 17, 2008

Cottage for Rent Lake District

Cottage For Rent Lake District.

It really amazes me how quickly world wide events cause dramatic changes in the way people go about choosing their holidays.

In the UK, although there are no figures for this yet, there has been such a huge increase in domestic tourism that it is very hard for anyone to keep pace with the increase in demand.

As a provider of this Cottage for rent in the Lake District, the Vale of Lune Holiday Cottages have seen a dramatic rise in bookings over the last 6 months. There are many other success stories throughout the UK that emulate this achievement.

Is this a concern?

Well maybe... As the demand for domestic holidays increases we are undeniably reaching the 'No Vacancies' situation. The supply of holiday destinations within the UK is not limitless. And I would suggest that ,in fact, the demand is way outstripping the supply at this moment.

It is possible that unscrupulous holiday home owners, driven by advice from their agencies will begin to try and cash in on this phenomenum. I urgently suggest that they should not. It would be the beginning of a backlash that would ruin many reasonable owner's businesses.

Should the National Parks allow more conversions of existing buildings to holiday homes? I think not. The beauty of these National Parks is partly preserved by the current moratorium on building and conversions. This doesn't mean to say that sympathetic creation of affordable housing should be halted. Rather it should be encouraged because this leads to another issue.

The supply of labour to accommodate this rise in demand is not forthcoming. Without suitably talented workers who will work in any role whether as a contract cleaner to an agency manager, the whole industry will come to its knees as homes become poorly managed and visitors go elsewhere.

So in order to maintain the excellent increase in popularity of holidays in great surroundings such as those provided by the Vale of Lune cottages in their Cottages for rent in The Lake District we should all work together to make sure that this is a sustainable increase.

To this end it is important that anyone with an interest in helping absorb this increase makes sure that they are fully aware of the implications if failing to provide both suitable accommodation and finding suitably qualified labour.