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Friday, October 09, 2009

Hotels on Windermere

hotels on windermere

Hotels on Windermere - Lake District Hotels

If I didn't know better I'd think the Cumbria Tourist Board have been reading my mind. Here I am writing posts about how mediocre I think all the Hotels in The Lake District and in particular, hotels on windermere when I read in my latest Cumbria Tourist board magazine that internationally we are not really there yet!

When one compares the quality of international hotels to the ones in The Lake District you are reminded of how shallow they really are. On the outside they are all glossy and sit comfortably in their beautiful surroundings. However when you scratch the surface, be careful you don't fall through...

It starts when you open the front door; or rather when you push against a very stiff and un-wieldy creaking door. Those of you have travelled will know well enough how un likely it is that you will be left to your own devices in a hotel in Asia for example! There will be someone to grab your bags from the cab before your door is open. The hotel door, if it isn't being swung open by a smiling and genuinely happy to see you member of staff will swish silently and electronically out of your way as you serenely make your way to the beautiful front desk.

I am not dreaming here, this is for real. The problem is we give our hotels 5 stars based on the average level of dross around us. If we were to genuinely check our lake district hotels on windermere and grade them against equivalent 5 star Establishments abroad we would come up well short of the mark!

There is a solution, I think, and that is to remind the owners of lake district hotels on windermere what it was like the last time they travelled abroad. And in particular what it was like to stay in an Establishment similar to their own. I am sure it would be an eye opening experience. After all in this country we often charge more than the equivalent business abroad.

For a list of exceptional Hotels on Windermere follow this link.
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